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4x4 Off Road Accessories

Find the best accessories for your 4×4 Off Road to improve the rest on your adventures on wheels.

Thermal Insulator

The perfect darkeners for your 4x4 Off Road

Are you tired of dealing with extreme temperatures in your vehicle? Look no further! Our thermal insulators are the perfect solution to avoid the heat in summer and the cold in winter. With 9 layers of top-quality materials, these insulators are designed to withstand even the harshest conditions, making them ideal for desert temperatures. The rigid fabric ensures a secure fit on your vehicle’s glass, while the reflective outer face provides added protection for the interior.

Installation is a breeze with the suckers featuring rear threads for easy attachment. We recommend keeping the suction cups in place and removing the darkener by simply removing the threads. The insulators also feature a convenient tab on the side of the sucker for effortless removal, minimizing the need for exertion. To add an offroad touch to your 4×4 vehicle, the edge is finished with a black propylene trim.

Choose from two versions: the Cab Pack includes three pieces for the front area, including the front window, pilot window, and co-pilot window. For complete coverage, opt for the Complete Pack, which includes insulators for all windows of your vehicle. The insulators come neatly packed in an 80-micron zippered carrying and storage bag for your convenience.

Please ensure compatibility with your vehicle before making a purchase. Upgrade your driving experience and say goodbye to extreme temperatures with our reliable thermal insulators.

Your best option for an outdoor bathroom in the pickup truck

The shower cabin is an essential piece of equipment for those nature lovers who wish to enjoy comfort during their outings in the countryside. This item offers the ability to install a portable shower in the car, allowing campers to shower and change clothes without hassle. While some may doubt the authenticity of a backcountry experience with these amenities, a shower stall ensures good grooming and comfort in any environment. Its operation is simple and practical, as it is a portable tent that is quickly set up by bolting the canopy to the roof of the vehicle. In addition, it has features such as side zippers, storage pockets and height adjustment by means of perimeter straps. These shower cabins include a complete installation kit and are ideal for 4×4 vehicles and small vans due to their compact design. They are sturdy, take up little space and fold easily for transport. If you are looking for the best option on the market, the Camper Shower Cab offers outstanding features, such as an aluminum frame, waterproof and UV-resistant fabric, and adjustable straps. In short, a shower cabin is the perfect solution to maintain hygiene and comfort during outings in the countryside, offering a relaxing and refreshing experience in contact with nature. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase an affordable, quality shower cabin that will make your camping experience more enjoyable.

Shower Cabin

Folding Mattress

The ultimate mattress for your getaways with the truck

Introducing the revolutionary folding mattress for pickup trucks by K’Foam, designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience on the go. This mattress is tailored specifically for pickup trucks and outdoor activities, offering a snug fit for most standard truck bed sizes. It is compatible with popular truck models and can also be used for camping, hiking, or lounging at the beach. Cleaning and maintenance are effortless with the removable and machine-washable cover, ensuring a fresh and clean sleeping surface. The mattress offers exceptional support and durability with its high-quality, high-density foam core, maintaining its shape and supportive properties even after extended use. Its unique design allows for unparalleled convenience and portability, effortlessly folding into a compact size for easy storage and transport. Upgrade your pickup truck experience with this foldable mattress, enhancing comfort, versatility, and portability.

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