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At K’Foam Store, we know that maximizing space in your camper van is essential for a comfortable and convenient travel experience. That’s why our front beds have become the go-to product for those looking for extra seating without compromising the functionality of their vehicle. These front beds are foldable mattresses designed with a smart approach, divided into three parts for easy storage and transport.

Intelligent design for efficient use of space

Our front beds are meticulously designed to make the most of the space available in your camper van. The mattress is divided into three sections: the front area is designed to perfectly fit the shape of the dashboard, while the rear area remains flat. This design combination allows the bed to fold up compactly, taking up as little space as possible once folded. So you can enjoy extra seating without sacrificing the mobility and functionality of your vehicle.

Ideal for children and pets

Thanks to its size, it is perfect for extra space for children or pets.

Takes up little space

Once folded it is very easy to transport and store.

Foldable in 3 pieces

Folds in 3 parts to keep its footprint as small as possible

Washable cover

Its cover is washable because it can be removed with the side zippers.

Optimize your space

If you’re looking to maximize space in your camper van and get extra seating efficiently, our folding front beds are the perfect choice. With a smart design that adapts to the shape of the dashboard and folds up compactly, our folding front beds are the perfect choice.

You can enjoy a comfortable and recuperative rest without sacrificing living space in your vehicle. In addition, our custom-made covers provide you with the comfort and portability you need to take your front bed to any destination.

Front Seat Mattress Ford Transit


Most frequent questions and answers of front seat mattress

Yes, all our mattresses have removable covers thanks to their side zippers, so they can be washed without problems in the washing machine or by hand.

Yes, it is ideal for children and pets due to its dimensions, but an adult can sleep perfectly well due to its weight.

It is a 2.75 inch firm foam and a 0.39 inch DM board to support the weight between the two seats.

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Yes, in fact you get more stability when sleeping.

No, but it is recommended to improve support.

Our beds have a weight of 24.25 pounds, perfect for transporting without problems.

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