Overland Shower Tent Room, Suitable for 4×4, 4wd, Offroad and Camper Van, Roof Rack Shower Tent, Privacy Enclosure

Thanks to our shower tent you can get an extra plus of comfort in your 4×4 trips, since it is installed very quickly and is very practical, providing a cabin in which you can use to take a shower or as a dressing room.
Important: Please note that it has an installation kit which may have to be adapted depending on the vehicle, but as a general rule if it has a roof rack there should be no problems.





Shower Tent

If you are one of those who love to go out in the countryside or nature and at the same time enjoy the conveniences that are available in the city, then you will surely appreciate the value of a good shower while you are on a camping trip.

The shower tent is a very affordable piece of equipment that you can install in your car, so you can take a shower whenever you need it most during a camping trip. You can even use it to change clothes without worry.

Some people may be a little hesitant about the fidelity of living a backcountry experience, but good grooming and comfort are guaranteed with a shower cabin.

Don’t think twice! If what you are looking for is to have a moment of comfort despite being away from everyday life, K’Foam gives you that opportunity. Go ahead and buy a good shower tent to anchor it on the roof of the vehicle in a very practical way.


How does a camper shower cabin work?

The shower tent is an easy to use and transport device. It is a portable tent that is quickly installed by bolting the canopy to the roof rack of the vehicle.

Once the base is secured to the vehicle, the perimeter straps can be adjusted to adapt the height of the cabin to the size of the vehicle. This prevents the fabric from rubbing against the floor and getting dirty or damaged.

The shower tent has two side zippers that allow access to the interior and two side pockets for storing items such as soap or a watch during bathing.

For added camper convenience, the shower stall includes a complete installation kit with screws, brackets, fixed wrenches, labels and a carrying bag.

Forget about uncomfortable bathrooms at the campsite and enjoy the experience of being in touch with nature with our camping shower tent, available for sale.


Why use a shower tent?

Generally, when we go camping, we are willing to live a totally natural experience, where even the issue of personal hygiene is in the background and is almost like a kind of tradition.

However, in these modern times where we continually adapt to new things and situations, the idea of using a shower cabin to facilitate the toilet while camping comes up, which is often quite cumbersome for many.

Imagine you’ve been bird watching all day or spent the afternoon fishing, and in the evening you’re going to build a campfire.

Wouldn’t you like to be able to spend the time before going to sleep with a feeling of freshness that will help you relax and fall asleep? You can generate that feeling of calm by taking your portable shower tent with you and taking a delicious shower.

Lose the fear of getting dirty or feeling uncomfortable, with the peace of mind of being able to take a shower when you need it most, thanks to these cabins.

Come on now and do not think twice, here we have the best shower tent that is available in the market. Get a resistant and useful equipment that will make you live a new experience in contact with nature.

It is ideal for both 4×4 vehicles and small camper vans, since in this type of car there is very little space inside to wash yourself.


The best shower enclosure on the market

If you are looking for a quality shower tent that will make your grooming experience easier during your outdoor outings, we invite you to discover the impressive features of the CAMPER SHOWER TENT, considered the best option in the market.

This amazing shower cabin, available at a really affordable price, is designed with the best features to ensure a smooth operation. It is especially ideal for fixing on the roof of the vehicle.

  • It offers aluminum frame.
  • It has a 420D Oxford fabric in beige color.
  • 100% waterproof material with UV protection.
  • Adjustable straps for different heights.
  • Takes up very little space.
  • Has a pair of waterproof PVC storage bags.
  • High quality side zippers.
  • L-shaped bracket, hardware and pegs.
  • It is a shower cabin to be anchored to the ceiling.
  • Extended cabin dimensions: 41,33 x 41,33 x 62,99 up to 82,67 in.
  • Package dimensions: 47,24 x 6,29 x 6,69 in.
  • Weight: 16,20 lb.

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of this shower tent is its ability to occupy little space both when open and closed.

In addition, thanks to the adjustable straps, it can be installed at different heights depending on the vehicle in which it is used.

In terms of design, this shower tent is made of waterproof materials that allow the fabric to dry quickly and make it easy to disassemble and store.


Buy cheap shower enclosure

If you’re excited to experience the benefits of using a shower tent during your camping trip, you’ve come to the right place. On our website, you will find the best shower cabin to take with you on your camping trips.

The camper shower cabin is a fully guaranteed product that can be used by any camper with different types of vehicles.

Simply attach this equipment to the roof of your car and you can enjoy a relaxing bath or change clothes comfortably.

Don’t miss this opportunity and purchase a shower cabin now at an affordable price, hard to match by the competition. With a shower cabin, you will enjoy a simple but comfortable bath away from home.

Additional information

Weight 16.20 lbs
Dimensions 47.24 × 6.29 × 6.69 in


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