Wall Pocket for Camper Van and Motorhomes Organizer with Self-adhesive and Velcro

Exceptional Spanish-made wall pocket made of the highest quality leatherette, ideal for keeping our belongings organized in camper vans, motorhomes or caravans.




This product designed by us is ideal for those who want to maximize storage space in their camper vans, motorhomes or caravans. The wall pocket is specifically designed to be placed on the walls or surfaces of these vehicles.

The pocket has three extremely sturdy pockets, all upholstered with the highest quality leatherette. These pockets are large enough to store a variety of items and accessories.

The size of the pocket is 11,81 x 23,62 in, and a Velcro system has been incorporated in the back for easy installation. In addition, one of the pockets comes with adhesive tape to place it in the desired location on the wall.

The compact size of the wall pocket makes it a practical solution for making the most of the available space in the vehicle.

As for the color, an intermediate shade between beige and gray has been chosen. This choice allows the wall pocket holder to blend in harmoniously with any wall model, ensuring a neutral and aesthetically pleasing appearance. One of the outstanding features of this product is its waterproofing. This makes it ideal for use in areas such as the bathroom, where it can protect stored items from moisture and water.


Additional information

Weight 5,51 lbs
Dimensions 11,81 × 0,03 × 23,62 in


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